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Updated: May 15

37 years ago today, I said, “I Do.”

I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew that I wanted to do it.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I prayed and knew that I was in God’s will. But still. I didn’t know how to be married.

Some of you are thinking, “Well, why didn’t you get premarital counseling, read, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, The Five Love Languages, and so on?” Premarital counseling was a new thing, and none of those mentioned above books were written yet.

Marriage the first year was tough. But we got through it.

The second-year was more challenging. But we got through it.

The third-year was the worst. We didn’t make it.

Enough was enough, and we didn’t know what to do. So we sat down on the floor and looked up divorce lawyers. The cheapest we could find was $300. We didn’t have $300. We had to stay married.

Now that I look back on that thank God we were poor.

We learned how to be married through trial and error. We prayed and did what the Holy Spirit told us to do. It didn’t get any easier. In that third year, Betty and I were burned out to the brink of mental collapse. The next couple of years gave us a bit of a reprieve, but it didn’t last long.

The following six years, while in our first pastorate, we came into our own. We were being tried by fire, but the hotter it got - the more robust our marriage became.

Now for 25 years of our ministry, we’ve been through more ups and downs than imaginable. And our marriage has gone right along with them.

Would I be here without Betty? No. There is no way. Without her, there is no telling how I would have turned out. I would have been a mess, and I know that.

That’s why I want to start a podcast called Hope for Marriage. I’ve just started writing down ideas and practices that I want to share with you. Probably a weekly thing, and I want it to be encouraging and promising for you.

Watch this website, and I’ll let you know when. Also, if you sign up for these daily emails, you’ll find out just as soon as it happens.

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