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So, you're a parent who is facing the Covid-19 quarantine. How are you going to make it?

1. Don't rely on the internet to babysit your kids the whole time—schedule time off of the internet for personal interaction with you and the rest of your family.

2. Watch movies as a family. Some of the streaming services are releasing some new movies early. Watch them together as a family.

3. Talk about fear. Don't let it become the 800-pound gorilla in the room. Don't vent on them, but admit that you have fears too. This will help curb some negative behavior.

4. Schedule your time. When you get up, go to bed, do school work, lunch - everything. Structure helps to eliminate fears.

5. Connect online with friends and family. Use Facetime or Zoom to your advantage. Let your kids see their friends via Instagram or Facebook.

6. Don't get frustrated with online schooling. If you know a homeschooler parent, talk to them. Your kid is better at this than you think.

7. Use your imagination. You can get some great ideas, games, and activities online. Have fun with your kids every day.

8. Lots of hugs. Physical touch boosts your immunity. But your kids will need a lot of reassurance.

9. Who is your support system? It would be best if you had someone to talk to and to listen to. Do not surround yourself with people who will complain and gripe about everything. Choose encouragers and creative people who will help.

10. Do not complain or panic. That isn't to say you should bury your feelings. Find healthy ways to express your feelings. If you have no one to talk to, talk to God. Don't worry. He wants you to be honest; He isn't going to be offended.

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