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If there is anything that we are going to see in this crisis is the heart of people we know and admire.

The old saying is, "If you want to know who a person really is, put them under pressure." It's true. Without having to go into a whole lot of explanation about the Johari Window, simply put, there is a side of ourselves we do not reveal to people.

But under pressure!

There are some who will make their decisions based upon the value of life. In my opinion, these people are real leaders. Their decisions may cost them personally and financially, but they would rather pay the price than risk lives.

Compared this to some who are trying to profit, often illegally, by price gouging or ignoring warnings of social distancing for profit.

There will be some who will try to manipulate the situation to their advantage politically or for the purpose of their image (marketability).

Some may try to use this opportunity to advance their agenda, which in reality isn't going to help anyone right now.

It all goes to value. Leaders, real leaders, value people first. People who call themselves leaders, but value themselves, profit or agendas first are not.

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