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Kids Need To Speak Up

In the blink of an eye, every kid and teenager in America just got their world turned upsidedown. Seniors were robbed of their proms, athletes didn't get to finish their seasons, and everyone is doing school online. 

Ask them if they have any questions about the virus. Don't be surprised by what they say. They get "fake" news just like everyone else. 

Teach them the value of humanity. I have seen some teens and young adults say, "I don't care, you're not going to quarantine me. The virus isn't going to hurt me anyway." Help them understand that all life, regardless of age, is valuable and that what we are doing is to save lives. 

What do they feel right now? Validating their feelings goes a long way to helping them cope. Talking about it will curb any depression and anxiety they might have. 

Pray with your kids. Until they are old enough to embrace their faith, they have to rely on yours. Let them hear you place your faith in Christ. It will help them to do the same. Remember, how you handle this crisis now is how they will handle it later. 

Acting Out? Usually, this is a sign of fear. It's ok to let them know that you are afraid too. However, you're not going to react out of fear, but you're going to respond out of love. 

Curb the wrong information and influence. Too much news and the internet can do more harm. Connect them to an online youth group. Contact Eric Nelson or Nicole Kusveski to find out more. 

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