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God Quarantines People

I am still trying to get everything ready for this Corvid-19 siege. One thing I am discovering is how much square footage I need vs. how much I was wasting. I'm am going to make some changes after this is over.

I was thinking. Are there any examples of being quarantined in the Bible? Well, it may depend on your definition of quarantine. (Levitical priests had the power to quarantine people to protect the community from diseases.) But there are a few others that we could consider.

In 1 Kings 17 (I will talk more about this tomorrow in our online service), we see the prophet Elijah being quarantined for his safety. God tells him to go to a specific place where there is water and that He would miraculously feed him.

Out of all the things that God could do to protect Elijah from harm (e.g., surround him with an angelic army or give him an invisibility cloak), he hid him in a place of solitude.

The purpose was two-fold. 1) Keep Elijah safe. That's the purpose of home quarantines. To keep you and your family safe. 2) Give Elijah time alone with God. Elijah didn't have an iPhone or Disney+. He had time alone with God.

Here are a couple of blessings that could come out of this—a personal revival. Setting aside time every day (you've got it now) with God to pray, worship, and be in His Word will have a profound impact on your life. Secondly, the church can explode in a revival of evangelism. We will begin to use our spiritual giftings in our communities and marketplaces. We will see an outpouring of miracles and healings never like before, and the church will pray with passion and faith.

PRAY: Dear Jesus, help me to use this time to draw closer to you. I need a revival of the Holy Spirit in my life. AMEN.

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