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Pastors, I know that we have to be as creative as possible during this Covid-19 crisis. We are going online and digital as much as possible. I know for some, this is a daunting challenge for others, not so much. Either way, we are committed to keeping our churches connected as much as possible.

The key? Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. I know that we have heard that mantra said again and again. But we have reached the day when our survival is dependent on it.

Here is a team that you can utilize right now. Digital Ushers. These are tech-savvy people (at least in the area that they are needed) who will help your church get up to speed. You now have an IT team.

GIVING USHER - This person will help your church get on board with your giving platform. If you are looking for one right now, I suggest Generush. Inexpensive, easy to sign up, set up, sound support system. I recommend that you use someone who your congregation will trust as they may be privy to sensitive information. They need to understand all the processes of your giving platform.

APP USHER - As you go digital, you will use programs and apps that some will be unfamiliar with. We are using Facebook to stream our services and Zoom for our small groups. Your digital ushers need to understand how to install, set up, and run each of these apps. (We are also using Instagram and Youtube.)

Train your ushers before you turn them loose. Make sure they have used the technology before they train someone else.

Get your digital usher's names and contact info out to your congregation and let them work their magic.

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