Who am I?

I am a pastor, husband, father/dance dad, coach, speaker, writer, teacher, and mentor. Currently, I work full-time as pastor of Faith Family Worship Center in Palm City, Florida.

Who my blog can help?

I have been a massive fan of spiritual formation (you might say discipleship or Christian Education) my whole life. ​If you have a passion for small groups, leading people to grow in their relationship with Christ, and equipping leaders to make a difference, then you're in the right place.​

What is important to me? 

As a pastor ​, not only do I want to see people accept Christ into their lives, but I want them to discover the healing and hope that comes from following Him every day. 

I am a Pentecostal, Spirit-Filled pastor. So if you believe in Baptism in the Holy Spirit, the Gifts of the Spirit, healing, miracles, signs, and wonders, then you're in the right place.  I want to encourage other Spirit-filled leaders, pastors, and teachers to become better.


Why do I blog?

Years ago, I coined a phrase, "You've got to give up good to have better." As a Pastor, I have always wanted to help people become better spouses, parents, leaders, and more. I've always wanted to help support churches to discover how they can realize their full potential. That's why I created this website and added blogs/podcasts that will offer encouragements and opportunities for you to discover your "BETTER." 

What can I do for you?

My life experiences more than qualify me to coach, write, encourage, teach, and lead others. As a family man, businessman, and leader, I understand the value of communicating the vision with integrity and determination. The GRIT that I have developed to" see things through" has been a hallmark quality of my life, family, and marriage. It has let me sharpen my creative and leadership skills, whether in a crisis, start-up ventures, or organizational restructuring.

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