In Luke 7:44 - 46 (NLT), we see a beautiful kitchen table moment.  

Worship is a compelling thing. Whatever people value most, they worship. Think about crazy fans at a college football game and crazy fans at a (insert your favorite artist here) concert. 

This woman, a famous sinner, worshipped Jesus with all her heart.  

She washed Jesus' dirty, stinking feet with her tears and hair. 

She kissed these same dirty feet again and again. 

Then she anointed his head with the best oil and perfume possible.  

This passage teaches us the transformative power of forgiveness and how it can lead to a profound change in a person's life, igniting a deep love and gratitude towards the forgiver. 

It reminds us that love and compassion are at the heart of Jesus' teachings, emphasizing the importance of understanding and embracing the value of forgiveness in our own lives.

In this moment, Jesus tells her, in Verse 50, "Your faith has saved you; go in peace."

What would you be willing to do to show Jesus the depth of your love and worship for Him? 

Dear Jesus, help me worship You with ALL my life today. AMEN 

Image by thank you for 💙 from Pixabay