Recently, the Holy Spirit showed me something about Phil 4:19 (NLT) that I had never seen before. 

God will meet my needs. He has done it again and again. This verse has served as a source of comfort, undoubtedly, for billions of people over time. 

We do not need to bear the burdens of life alone. 

But there is something else. We need to reach people who don’t know Christ. Our friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. People we may meet but only for a moment, those who need Jesus.  

We have focused so much on how we forget some fundamental theology.  

The Holy Spirit empowers us to reach these people. Acts 1:8

We are called to use our gifts for each other and those we know. Rom 12  

AND - God will supply all the needs I may have to reach who He has called me to reach for Him. 

Dear Jesus, meet the need of my heart to tell others about Christ. AMEN 

See you Sunday and bring a friend! 

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash