Look at the conversations that Jesus had in the Gospels. What does the conversation look like when he is talking to His disciples or followers? 

Common language

The language that you would often hear around a family kitchen table. 
But when Jesus talks to the religious leaders, his candor changes.  


Why is there a difference? 

The Pharisees did all their business in the Living Room, formally and under their total control. 
Jesus challenged the Pharisees and criticized their hypocritical faith and legalism. But he invited them to reconsider their ways and join in the Kingdom of God. Or, in other words, join Him in the kitchen.  

With ordinary people, his approach was more focused on offering hope and forgiveness, extending an invitation to all to repent and turn toward God.

Jesus never left the kitchen to join the Pharisees; He always invited the Pharisees to come and join Him. 

Dear Jesus, I want to sit at your feet and hear Your words today. AMEN 

Image by bedrck from Pixabay