In Luke 7: 40 - 42 (NLT), Jesus shares a parable with Simon. One so simple, he can’t miss the point, yet he missed the point. 

Jesus noted that Simon had failed in the customary duties of welcoming someone into his home: the foot washing, a kiss on the cheek, and perfumed olive oil for his hair. I don’t think that this escaped Simon. He didn’t get where he was by being reckless or stupid.  

But Jesus has to teach him something basic about faith. Forgiveness. If one man borrowed a million dollars and another borrowed 50 dollars and was forgiven of the debt because they couldn’t pay it back, which would be more thankful? (Yes, I exaggerated the numbers.) The million-dollar dude, for sure.  

Simon had no intention of forgiving the woman for her sins. He was offended, and that was that.  

This passage reminds us that understanding the depth of forgiveness is crucial in cultivating love, compassion, and gratitude. It encourages us to reflect on our actions and consider how we can demonstrate greater love and thankfulness in response to the forgiveness we receive from others and, in a spiritual context, from God. It emphasizes the power of forgiveness to transform and inspire love.

Dear Jesus, help me to practice love, acceptance, and forgiveness today. AMEN 

Image by Andrealison Leao de Souza from Pixabay