Covenant Noah

Adam and Eve have sinned in the Garden of Eden. Life changes drastically, the most significant being Cain murdering his brother Abel in cold blood.  

Cain didn’t give his offering to God, but Abel did. For that, he was angry to the point of committing homicide. From here to Genesis 6:8, we see evil advance in the world.  

By the time we read Noah, it has enveloped the whole world. In response, God makes a covenant with Noah. He will send a flood, creating a restored creation that will begin with Noah and his family. Genesis 6:9-22 (NLT)

Noah built the ark; thus, he and his family (plus the animals God placed on the ark) were saved. But to take his covenant beyond Noah, God sets the rainbow in the sky as a reminder that He will not destroy the earth by flood again.  

What can you learn from this? 

#1 - God keeps his promises. The promises He has given you personally, and the ones you find in His Word, the Bible, will be kept. But as we see with Noah. God chooses how and when He will keep those promises. It takes faith to trust Him, obey, and believe. 

#2 God takes care of his people. Noah was the only man left who had a right relationship with God. Read His Word. God takes care of His people from birth to death for eternity. 

#3 God will take care of you. You may not feel as righteous as Noah. But God knows you, He loves you, and He will care for you.  

#4 God has given you a sign. You don’t need a new sign per se because He has already given you the Holy Spirit, His Church, The Word of God, His gifts, and more.  

Dear Jesus, help me to rest in Your promises and see Your signs in my life today. AMEN 

Image by Ria Sopala from Pixabay