Covenant Moses

Exodus opens 430 years later with Abraham's offspring being enslaved in Egypt. God sends Moses to rescue them (10 plagues, Red Sea stuff), and they find themselves at Mount Sinai. 

Here, Moses receives what we know as The Law of Moses. The basis of all Judaism today comes from these words given by God directly to Moses. (This includes the Ten Commandments)  Ex 20  (NLT)

God's instructions serve to accomplish two purposes. 

Initiate holy worship with God. 

Initiate healthy relationships with each other.  

God wanted His people to have the best relationship with Him as possible. The establishment of the Tabernacle and the forms of worship through feasts and sacrifices were to remind them that He loved them.  

God also wanted His people to enjoy a strong and healthy community with each other. He was outlining laws and standards to bring their land health, prosperity, and safety.  

Now, we fast forward thousands of years later and still see God concerned with our relationship with Him and each other.  

Today, we honor Him with all our heart, soul, and spirit. What we say and what we do must be in obedience to His will. But we also see our fellow man struggling in a world of sin, doomed to destruction. Our hearts are moved by their helpless state, leading us to intervene.  

God did it for His people then. He will do it for you today.  

Dear Jesus, I worship You with all my heart and yield my life today to serve others in Your Name. AMEN 

Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay