Covenant David

Time passes, and hearts change. The people want to be more like the other nations. They want a king. They get Saul, whose leadership turns out to be a nightmare. But he is followed by a man after God’s own heart, David. 

He understands the Law of Moses, and God desires to connect with His people and live in peace.  

For His obedience, God makes a covenant with him that raises a descendant from his bloodline, whose throne and kingdom will last forever (2 Sam. 7)

The promise is fulfilled in Jesus (Matt. 1

From the time of David until Christ, people prayed for the Savior just like they did in the days of Egyptian slavery.  

Evil was rampant, and hell seemed to be winning the day. But God’s covenants have stood the test of time and deserve our attention and faith.  

While there have been seasons of evil and darkness, there are seasons of light and hope. We may not know what season we are in now, but rest assured that God will always keep His Word. 

Dear Jesus, I am praying, like followers of old, that You will return. In the meantime, help me to be ready and empower me to lead others to You. AMEN 

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay