Rebellious Brat

In my morning message, I shared the story with you about Achan and the city of Ai - found in Joshua 7. No, I'm not referring to Artificial Intelligence.

If you read the story, you would know that after Achan was found out, he and his family were stoned to death for stealing from God.  

Before you get upset, remember that 32 men died for his rebellion. 

Before you say, "Wow, Pastor, you're so negative today." Let me remind you that knowing where the "negative" is always helps you stay in God's will daily.  

Satan would love to tell you that what you are doing isn't going to hurt anybody. That is a lie. You can hurt the people around you and destroy the hopes and lives of someone's future, just like Achan did with those 32 families.  

So, the purpose in your heart today is to honor God in your life and live for Him. 

Dear Jesus, help me to worship You today with everything I say and do. AMEN. 

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay