Whose Bigger?

Are your problems bigger than God, or is God bigger than your problems?

Don't answer too quickly.  

A. W. Tozer believed that a low view of God is the cause of a hundred lesser evils, but a high view of God is the solution to ten thousand temporal problems. 

Is there a limit to God's power?  Nothing conditional here.  Yes or no.  Which is it?   Is He bigger than the problem that you face right now?  

Now, let's test your faith.  The size of your prayers depends on the size of your God.  If God has no limits, then neither should your prayers. 

So what are you praying for today? 

(Blog inspired by book The Circle Maker - by Mark Batterson) 

Dear Jesus, increase my faith so my prayers reflect who you are, not my doubts. AMEN. 

Image by Małgorzata Tomczak from Pixabay