There is nothing that says faith is easy.  If it were, we wouldn’t need the Bible, church, or leaders. 

Your faith in Christ will always meet resistance from hell.  There will be temptations, schemes, and weapons formed against you, your marriage, your family, and your future. 

This is where generosity and sacrifice come in.  It doesn’t just defeat our selfishness.   It also defeats your enemy from having an opportunity to tempt you. 

Focusing your mind on the things above doesn’t allow you to have time to think about temptations or other gremlins that would steal your joy.  

Giving, with the purpose of leading people to discover their new life in Christ, isn’t a slogan - it’s a war cry.  Hell doesn’t get our children, marriages, families, and futures.   They don’t get our church, the Gospel message, or the opportunity to change the world in Jesus’ name. 

Dear Jesus, help me to be a generous giver.  You’ve already won the war for us; now help me to go to win the war for others.  AMEN 

PS - Dazzling Deserts.  WOW!  Life is hard, and there are some great reasons why - THAT WILL ENCOURAGE YOU.  Bring a friend this Sunday! 

Image by James Chan from Pixabay