I'm Bored

Recently someone noted that one's daily time with God can become routine, even boring.  

#1 - I've heard this often over the course of time. 
#2 - I've experienced this myself. 

What do you do? 

Change the place.  If possible, try moving around to different rooms in the house.  Even go outside if the weather permits. 

Change of pace.  Slow down or speed up.  Our brains receive information at different paces.  Sometimes you need to work with bite-sized passages of Scriptures instead of whole chapters.  Sometimes it will be the other way around.  

Change translations of Scriptures.  You have your favorite for whatever reason.  But you might want to try a different translation or use a parallel Bible.  For more info on translations, click here.  

Get a prayer journal. You can use a blank journal or the notes app on your phone.  Either way, keep a record of everything you pray about.  NOTE:  Try writing or typing your prayers out.  This forces you to focus on what you are saying.

Use music.  Play some worship music in the background.  This often helps to clear your mind and encourage your spirit. 

Dear Jesus, help me to maximize my personal devotional time with you every day.  Amen 

Image by Pexels from Pixabay