A few years ago, Betty and I were having a conversation about someone who was in trouble.  To further complicate things, it was the holidays. Christmas was looking bleak for their family too.  Someone who overheard the conversation said, "Oh, let me help!"  Handed me $40 and then said, "I've done my good deed for the year; I'm good now.  As long as I don't have to get involved, that's wonderful." 

They thought they were generous; believe me, they could have given more.  But it wasn't about the money; it was about the attitude.  

Generosity is an act of faith.  Treating people as Jesus would treat them.  That is generosity.  While you should always be ready to give, there are times when God will test your faith through your giving.  It is a test of our selflessness.  Not only will you give, but will you care?  

Generosity flows from a place of faith, and our faith is filled with His love.  We cannot just see a need, we will feel it too.  God has placed opportunities in all of our lives to be generous.  

Dear Jesus, help me to be generous by faith today.  AMEN.