You go to your doctor, who casually says, "Yea, I went to about half of my classes in medical school." 

You get on an airplane to hear the pilot announce. "Today is the first day I get to fly a plane by myself." 

What do you do - RUN!!!!

Faithfulness has always been appreciated. Why? Because it builds trust. Consistency, coupled with character, always produces trust. Add to that good chemistry between yourself and others (aka you work well with people), and you are good as gold!! 

That's why faithfulness in giving adds value to your life. Not only do you practice your faith, you consistently prove it to yourself week after week. 

Faithfulness in your marriage, family, character, and actions builds integrity, which is highly valued by others and yourself. 

All of these are God-given characteristics that will bless you and your future. 

Dear Jesus, help me to be faithful to You and others today, honoring You with my life. AMEN. 

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay