You're Not Done Yet!

You’re not done! 

We may have finished praying and fasting for the last 20 days together. But that doesn’t mean that you can stop.  

Take some time to reflect over the last 20 days and consider these questions: 

What changed? 

How did you change? 

What is now more important to you than it was 20 days ago? 

What answers are you praying through for now? 

What is God telling you? 

As you think about it, pray about it. The purpose of fasting and praying was just for the 20 days. The goal was to draw you closer to Christ. Now what are you going to do to stay there?  

You have the momentum now! Please don’t lose it!  

Dear Jesus, I ask that You inspire everyone reading this blog today. That they will listen to Your voice, they will embrace Your change, and they will stay close to You. AMEN 

Image by kinkate from Pixabay