You're at the end.

Through the 20 days of prayer and fasting, I blogged every day. I'll do it again if we do another 10 or 40 days. But I am going to go to my regularly scheduled blogging schedule now. Monday through Friday. So I'll see you here on Monday. 

How do you end your week? In prayer, that's how? 

Whether you are working or resting, take the time to pray for Sunday and the rest of the week. Often we resist Monday because we are not prepared for it. Also, we don't like the jobs and tasks we have to complete, thus giving us bitterness towards Monday.  

So let's pray through it.  

#1 - Pray for Sunday. Set aside the time to prepare to give and receive. Prepare your offering, prepare to give unto God your love and adoration (worship), and be ready to give your time to others in fellowship and friendship. Pray for the leadership and the teams that are making the sacrifice to prepare for you a day that will change your life forever.  

#2 Pray for your upcoming week. Often we dislike Monday because we didn't prepare for it. We become bitter against our jobs, tasks, and even our coworkers. So pray against that. See your week's opportunities to lead people to a new life in Christ. You may get to pray for someone. You can give someone some sound wisdom. What are you asking God to do with your life? 

Dear Jesus, help me to be prepared to worship You this Sunday with all my heart, soul, and spirit. And help me to be ready to be a witness for you this week everywhere I work and go. AMEN 

Image by tigerlily713 from Pixabay