What are you praying for?

What are you praying for? 

I would suspect that you are praying for something timely and needful. Healing or reconciliation would fall under this category. 

But I urge you to pray for your future.  

What goals do you feel that God has inspired you with? Mark Batterson calls it a Life Goal list. (The Circle Maker Amazon and Apple Books). Some things on his list are hiking the Grand Canyon from rim to rim, living off 10 percent, and giving 90 percent by the time he retires. There are 113 more goals.  

What is on your list? Pray and ask God what should be on your list. But here is the catch. You cannot play it safe. Your list cannot be accomplished in a year or two. It needs to take a lifetime. It needs to be so big that only God can do it.  

I’m rewriting mine, and it is changing. God is good

Dear Jesus, inspire us with Your dreams for us. AMEN 

Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay