What are you looking for?

What you pray for, you look for. 

That is one of the great things about prayer. If you pray for healing, you will find everything that has to do with it. If you are praying for financial peace, you will find it.  

But you will never see what we never think about. 

Batterson (The Circle Maker Amazon and Apple Books) talks about a cluster of nerve cells in our brain called the reticular activating system. Their job is to determine what gets noticed and what goes unnoticed.

What you pray about, you notice.  

You may have never thought about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. But now that I have mentioned it, your RAS will notice the next time you hear the words Mount Kilimanjaro. 

So what are you praying about? What is God showing you?  

Are you praying about how to be a better parent or spouse? 

Are you praying about what God’s purpose for your life is? 

Are you praying about how you can serve your church and the world you live in? 

Are you praying about how you can become a better leader? 

What are you praying about? 

Dear Jesus, help me see what I am praying about. Your will be done in my life. AMEN 

Image by Alexander Grey from Pixabay