Good Morning it's Monday! 

I get it. For most people, it's not their favorite day of the week. That's ok - pray through it.  

When you get up - When your feet hit the floor, say - Jesus, today is Your day. Check your attitude, and don't let hell ruin your day.  

When you go to work - Lord, you know what I face today. Prepare my heart, give me the wisdom I need, and help me witness my workplace for you.  

As you send the kids to school - School isn't in season right now, but it will be soon. So before you send the kids out the door, stop and pray. Lord, protect their lives, their hearts, and their minds. Surround them with good friends and help them honor You in everything they do today. 

Through your day - From time to time, it is good to check-in. Lord, I'm in a tough spot. I need your help.  

At the end of work - Think about everything you need to do tomorrow. Write them down, and now - forget about it. That's tomorrow. Pray this prayer. Lord Jesus, this day is over, and I must go home. Please help me to honor You when I walk in the door. 

When you get home - Praise God I'm home! Too often, we carry the world's weight in the door and take it out on everyone. So stop, pray, and release all that on God's big shoulders.  

As you go to bed, pray, "Thank You, God, that you saw me through this day. Now, let me get a good night's sleep so I can serve you again tomorrow."

Dear Jesus, help me to pray through this day so that you get all the credit for it.  

Image by Надежда Дягилева from Pixabay