20 Days of Prayer and Fasting - Day 4

Bold prayers honor God.

“If your prayers aren’t impossible to you, they are insulting to God.”

Mark Batterson 

Bold prayers demonstrate a deep trust in God's power and faithfulness. 

When we approach God with our prayers, we acknowledge His sovereignty and recognize that nothing is impossible for Him. This surrender demonstrates our faith that He can keep His promises and transform our lives.

Bold prayers also reflect our willingness to step out of our comfort zones. 

They require us to face our doubts and fears and ask for the impossible. Bold prayers challenge us to trust God even when it confounds our understanding. It forces us to rely on His wisdom and timing rather than our own.

Bold prayers inspire and encourage others

When we voice our deepest desires seeking God's participation, we set an example for those around us. Our prayers can ignite a spark of faith in others. Bold prayers create an atmosphere of expectation and anticipation, where others are inspired to trust God and seek His guidance in their lives.

Bold prayers foster a deeper intimacy with God

Bold prayers require vulnerability and honesty, allowing us to develop a deeper relationship with our Creator. We lay bare our fears, doubts, and hopes, and in return, we experience God's unconditional love and acceptance. 

Bold prayers honor God. 

They demonstrate our trust in His power and faithfulness, encourage others to seek Him fervently, deepen our intimacy, and align our hearts with His purposes.

What to pray for today.  

Pray and ask God for bold dreams, ideas, and futures for you and FFWC.  

Image by Aaron Cabrera from Pixabay