20 Days of Prayer and Fasting - Day 8

Marching around your Jericho 

I shared a series of messages about breaking down the walls a couple of weeks ago—a series on Jericho. You can watch it here. But in that series, I talk about your Jericho. The problems you face, the challenges that are thumbing their nose at you, the impossible things that stand in your way.  

What promises are you praying around? God had promised the city to the nation of Israel. All they had to do was march around it once for six days and then seven times on the 7th day.  

What miracle are you marching around? Healing of the body? How about healing of your mind? It could be a broken relationship and collapsing marriage or family. 

What dream are you marching around? God has sovereignly spoken to you, something that only He can do.  

Are you marching, or have you given up?  

I like to ask questions like. What if the Israelites had stopped after day 6? What would have happened? This story would be a footnote in Jewish history, and there would be another to take its place. 

Are you marching in prayer? Are you marching in faith? Are you marching, trusting what God has given you, promised you?  

Don’t give up. Don’t stop now. You are closer than you think. While the price tag to keep going may seem high to you. Your God believes that you have what it takes. Your story could be told in your family for generations, or you may be nothing more than a footnote in your history. 

What to pray for today.  

Pray that someones Jericho will come down today.  That a Jericho sized miracle will happen and someone will see their dream become a reality. 

Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay