20 Days of Prayer and Fasting - Day 7

Who prayed for you? 

Who prayed for you to accept Christ as Your Savior? A mother, grandmother, pastor, friend, brother, or sister?  

Who prayed for a church that you could attend and receive God's truth?

What to drill down a little deeper? 

Who prayed that you would stop living in the addictions of drugs or alcohol? Or to be free from your destructive emotions and lifestyle choices? 

I'm keenly aware of the fact that every miracle has a genealogy. Mark Batterson Amazon Apple Books 

Someone prayed for you. Someone followed God's will and built a church for you to attend. Someone submitted to God's will to teach you and lead you today. Someone carefully interpreted and transcribed the Bible for you to read today—all miracles. 
Where can you trace your miracles back to? 

What to pray for today.  
Who are you praying for, with such faith and passion that it will change their lives for the better? 

Image by Waldryano from Pixabay