20 Days of Prayer and Fasting - Day 18

You're one prayer away from a miracle.

But is it the miracle that you are praying for?  

God answers prayer, but only He knows how He will do it. Your miracle may not be what you are praying for.  

I've heard stories from people saying they were praying for God to do one thing, and He did another. Some of them were pretty upset with Him about it. But time told another story that changed their tune. What was considered a curse became a blessing. What was considered a failure became a victory.  

Pray for your miracle and trust God to take care of your needs. No, it isn't easy, but it is worth it. 

What to pray for today.

Pray for tomorrow's services that the worship will honor God, that lives will be changed, and that people will be healed physically, emotionally, and relationally. 

Image by Harpreet Batish from Pixabay