20 Days of Prayer and Fasting - Day 17

How stubborn are you? 

In the Old Testament, in the Temple, there was a place where people would give their offerings to be burnt (according to the Law of Moses). This altar had a horn at each corner. 

As a kid in church, I remember hearing people say, “Hold on to the horns of the altar!” It was a metaphor for staying in the presence of God and didn’t leave until you get an answer.  

Making circles again, are we? 

Pray through the pain, pray despite the circumstance, pray even though someone doesn’t want you to, and hold on to God. PRAY! 

What to pray for today.

The Bible points us to pray for five groups of people:
- Friends and family. - Vulnerable and needy segments of society. - Those who rub us the wrong way, our enemies, and those who want to do us in. - Our elected officials and leaders, whether we’ve voted for them or not.

Image by Aritha from Pixabay