20 Days of Prayer and Fasting - Day 1

Thank you for visiting RussJones.us and reading this blog. My goal is to provide you with something that brings you closer to God while will help you find new life in Christ for your life, family, marriage, and future daily. 

We are starting 20 days of prayer and fasting today. Why now? This is a critical time to pray and have faith. We are facing attacks against marriages, families, careers, and hope. Hell is going into overtime, and we must pray.  

But I praise God that the Holy Spirit is awakening people to pray in the early morning hours. This is not a coincidence, but the Holy Spirit's leadership to new life.  

At the end of each blog, I will share needs that we can pray for together—both general and specific requests.

Its purpose is not to manipulate God into doing what you want but to transform you. Fasting profoundly impacts your inner self, drawing you closer to God and allowing Him to work mightily through your life. While fasting, you surrender to His sovereignty and trust Him to answer prayers in His time and will.

What can you fast? 
Regarding fasting options, I suggest trying different levels:

Level #1 - Give up a convenience that matters to you for the next 20 days, like social media, Netflix, or chocolate. The qualifier is that it is important to you, and will miss it.  

Level #2 On selected days of your choice, choose a more challenging fast, such as abstaining from food for a meal or an entire day.

Other fasting options you can explore include water fasting (with caution for health reasons, especially in hot weather), partial fasting by restricting certain foods or meals, and the Daniel fast (following the example of Daniel in the Bible).

Prayer is pouring out your heart to God. He listens, even when you don't feel it. Here are some tips to help you pray better:

Use fasting time for prayer. Instead of social media, pray. Instead of lunch, pray.

Find a distraction-free place to pray. It could be a bathroom or your car during a break.

Start with gratitude. Avoid making demands. Treat God with respect.

Be honest about your hurts and frustrations. God already knows, so share openly.

Praise God for His power, wisdom, love, and mercy. Thank Him for His promises.

Repent and humbly acknowledge your mistakes. Embrace growth and transformation.

Share your needs and concerns with God. Ask for His guidance, strength, and healing. Pray for others too.

Listen to the Holy Spirit. He brings wisdom, life, and hope.

Cultivate a daily habit of prayer. Keep an open heart, seek God's presence, and nurture your relationship.

Pray that everyone joining you in prayer and fasting will grow in their relationship with Jesus.  

See you tomorrow. 

Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay