Patience, contentment, and exhaustion are just a few words that are being expressed now more than ever.  

But I thought Covid was over?  Well, that depends on who you talk to.  But it doesn’t matter if you think it is or isn’t over.  The reality of its effects is here and now.  

The effects of lockdowns, economic disasters, and the emotional scarring from the roller coaster we’ve been on are taking their toll.  I’ve been saying for months that a mental health tsunami is coming and its waves are just beginning to hit our shores.  

But I want to focus on moms for a moment.  (Dads, I’ll get to you around Fathers Day.)

What can you do to personally recover from Covid exhaustion.  

#1 - Take care of yourself first.  The trick is to not be selfish about it.  It is ok to tell your husband and kids.  Mommy needs to disconnect and recharge her batteries.  #1 Don’t throw your family under the bus and #2 don’t choose a disconnection that will become addictive.  For example, women’s drinking rates have risen. Between early 2019 and 2020, women increased their heavy drinking days by 41%.


#2 - Talk about it with someone wiser than yourself.  Venting to someone is one thing.  But venting to someone who has the same problem will never help.  Talking to someone who will listen is therapeutic.  

Pro. 12:15 The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advise.

Look for people whose lives have been tested.  Listen to them.  

#3 - Review your routines.  How many things are you doing right now that are the result of Covid?  For example.  We started using delivery services for everything.  I notice that this costs more money if you use these services.  However, was there something therapeutic about getting out and enjoying the day before Covid?  Reclaim some of the things that Covid took away from you.  

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, Covid messed everything up.  Help me to reprioritize my life and find restoration for my body, soul, and spirit.  In Jesus’ Name, I pray.  AMEN 


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