Parenting Simplified (Well I tried to.)

Betty doesn’t like me blogging about her too much. So let me go with one more for now and let you see a bit of her heart. 

She doesn’t like the world any better now than when she gave birth to Anneka. (Neither do I.)  

If you think that’s a strange thing to say, you’re right. But let me explain myself. 

The idea that a child will make your world a better place isn’t accurate. Stop shouting at the screen. Just keep reading.  

Before we got pregnant, both of us had enough wisdom to understand what we were doing, in as much as we knew that this would change our lives. 

Would it be for the better? That was the plan. 

Would it enrich our lives? We hoped so.  

But to think that a child would turn our world into a magical place of perfection and joy was never a thought.  

If anything, the world worked against us from day one. (Still is.) There were challenges of all kinds and new hurdles to jump. Just about the time you thought you were out of the woods, BAM, here we go again.  

Betty was and is always adamant about keeping it simple.  

#1 Is it God’s will. Yes? Then stay in His will. No? Then what is God’s will and do it.  

#2 Pray about everything. If you think it is important, pray about it. If it seems foolish or trivial to pray about it - pray about it. 

#3 Trust God. When His will doesn’t make sense, trust Him, not yourself. Never assume you are as smart as you think you are. 

I wrote this list from my perspective, but I don’t think she will disagree with me.  

If you expect the world to be a better place because of your kids, it will be if you trust Him. 

Pray: Dear Jesus, help me put my faith and trust in You first. This is your family. Give me wisdom on how to raise my children. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.  

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash