In A World Where . . .

BIBLE READING: 1 Tim. 1: 18 - 20 18 Timothy, my son, here are my instructions for you, based on the prophetic words spoken about you earlier. May they help you fight well in the Lord's battles. 19 Cling to your faith in Christ, and keep your conscience clear. For some people have deliberately violated their consciences; as a result, their faith has been shipwrecked. 20 Hymenaeus and Alexander are two examples. I threw them out and handed them over to Satan so they might learn not to blaspheme God.

BLOG: Ever heard those epic movie trailer words, "In a world where . . . ?" The phrase is usually followed by some description that sets the scene for the movie. So I was thinking. 

In a world where up is down and wrong is right. 
In a world where people will abuse and manipulate you. 
In a world that hates you because of your faith in Christ. 

I am reminded of Romans 8:37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

That means. 

In MY world, where Jesus is Lord, I am a super conqueror over anything that comes against me. 
In MY world, where Jesus is Lord, I can experience all of His promises in my life. 
In MY world, where Jesus is Lord, I can know love and be loved. 

Too often, we try to live in a world that is doomed to fail. (Ever read the book of Revelation?) We have to remember that Jesus came to overcome THAT world so we could live in but not be corrupted by it. There is joy, hope, and love in what He provides when you follow Him. 

PRAY: Dear Jesus, I will follow you out of this world and into the world You provide for me. AMEN