Manners Matter

BIBLE READING: 1 Tim. 1:8 - 11 8 We know that the law is good when used correctly. 9 For the law was not intended for people who do what is right. It is for people who are lawless and rebellious, who are ungodly and sinful, who consider nothing sacred and defile what is holy, who kill their father or mother or commit other murders. 10 The law is for people who are sexually immoral, or who practice homosexuality, or are slave traders, liars, promise breakers, or who do anything else that contradicts the wholesome teaching 11 that comes from the glorious Good News entrusted to me by our blessed God.

BLOG: Well, we are in full hurricane mode now. I got up early this morning to refresh our hurricane supplies and prepare for what may happen around Monday or Tuesday. At this moment Hurricane Dorian is forecast to be a Cat 4 upon landfall. That's not good. So please pray that this thing goes out to sea, go away, dissipate, or whatever.

Lots of people were out shopping at 7 am. Water was gone, supplies were running low, but people were more polite and considerate than usual. I have seen this happen before. When we as a community face a crisis, we face it together. Fewer people are honking in traffic. People were letting others get in line with them at the cash register. Some were sharing their supplies out of their shopping carts because the store ran out.

Galatians 6:2 Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Now let's expand this thought. We are all living life together. Every day there is someone who needs a little extra grace, a little extra help. We are paying attention to each other because of a hurricane. But what if we were to pay attention to each other because we loved them.

PRAY: Dear Jesus, help me to pay attention to others today. AMEN