BIBLE READING Phil. 2:14 - 18  14 Do everything without complaining and arguing, 15 so that no one can criticize you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people. 16 Hold firmly to the word of life; then, on the day of Christ's return, I will be proud that I did not run the race in vain and that my work was not useless. 17 But I will rejoice even if I lose my life, pouring it out like a liquid offering to God, just like your faithful service is an offering to God. And I want all of you to share that joy. 18 Yes, you should rejoice, and I will share your joy. (NLT) 

BLOG:  So I am reading Jon Gordon's book, The Positive Dog.  A good book and I recommend it. I'm not going ruin it for you, but it's about how to be positive and the benefits you reap from it.  

What do you do when you find yourself in a bad situation.  One that is negative and causes you a great deal of stress?  What do you do when you feel threatened, and there seems to be nothing that you can do about it.  This is where I fall back on Phil 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Many people quote this verse, but they don't understand it. I can do . . .  When God has your back, you can do anything.  But that requires faith, your faith to believe that you can do all things through Him.  This is where some people misunderstand the verse.  

But what if you don't want to do it?  Some assume that if you don't want to do it; therefore, it must not be God's will.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Many characters in the Bible would have optioned out of God's will.  Jesus included when He prayed, "Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done." (Lk 22:42) Jesus wasn't rebelling against His Father. He was pouring His heart out to Him in grief. You can do it even if you don't want to. 

What if you don't know how to do it?  Some assume that if you're not skilled or talented enough to do it; therefore, it must not be God's will.  Again, look to the Bible.  How many people were asked of God to do something that was way out of their skill set?  Noah building a ship?  Moses leading a nation?  You can do it even if you don't know how. 

But is it His will? I've heard people quote this verse, claiming it for themselves, in matters that were not in line with God's will.  Then they wondered why their work didn't produce any results?  God cares about what you are doing right now, this day and the rest of your life.  If you want Him to back you up, it's a good idea to know what He wants to back you up on.  

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, I want to do your will, and I want you to back me up when I do it.  Speak to me and let me know.  AMEN