The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do Is . . .

BIBLE READING:  Phil 3:17 - 21 17 Dear brothers and sisters, pattern your lives after mine, and learn from those who follow our example. 18 For I have told you often before, and I say it again with tears in my eyes, that there are many whose conduct shows they are really enemies of the cross of Christ. 19 They are headed for destruction. Their god is their appetite, they brag about shameful things, and they think only about this life here on earth. 20 But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for him to return as our Savior. 21 He will take our weak mortal bodies and change them into glorious bodies like his own, using the same power with which he will bring everything under his control.

BLOG: . . . Listen 

Who or what are you listening to? 

The power of listening is such a lost art in our world today.  Here is a little experiment that will only take about 20 seconds.  Close your eyes and identify every sound around you.  Go ahead, and I'll wait. 

Were you surprised?  There is more going on that you realize.  Often we approach our everyday life this way.  We prioritize what we want to hear but ignore what we need to hear.  

Listen with your ears.  Focus on what someone is saying and hear every word. 

Listen with your mouth.  Repeat what you hear to ensure that you heard them right. 

Listen with your eyes.  What does their body language say?  Are their eyes shifty?  Their arms folded? 

Listen with your heart.  Often we miss this one.  People are trying to tell us something.  Go past the words and body language, hear their heart with yours so you can understand their pain or joy.  

Proverbs 2:2 Making your ear attentive to wisdom and inclining your heart to understanding;

On June 3rd of this year, Justin Sun, the founder of cryptocurrency company Tron, won lunch with successful investor and fourth richest man in the world Warren Buffett. How much did it cost him? $4,567,888 (All proceeds go to charity.) 

In a statement from Buffett, "The one universal characteristic with all the winners is that they have a good time and feel like they've gotten their money's worth."

Believe me when I say that Sun will walk away with more than his moneys worth in financial wisdom, stock tips, and advise.  

That's financial wisdom.  But what kind of wisdom are you looking for?  Spiritual?  Marital?  Parenting? What are you willing to pay for it?  Time?  Money?  Education?  Who are you ready to listen to, and are you willing to listen?  

I can guarantee you that Sun isn't walking into this lunch absentminded.  He has a list of questions, and he will ask questions to clarify and understand what he is told.  

Are you willing to do the same for your life? 

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, help me listen to Your wisdom and follow Your will for my life.  AMEN