On The Road Again

As you read this blog, I am on the road heading home.  After a week of family time, Anneka has been dropped off at her dance intensive, and Betty and I are coming back to rest.

What's going to change?

Psalm 32:8 The LORD says, "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.  I will advise you and watch over you.

People have been asking us for weeks, "What are you going to do while Anneka is gone?" Some have mentioned that we are going to feel lost or out of sorts in some way.  We will; there is no doubt about that.  Anytime you remove a close relationship by distance, there is change.

But when you focus your reason for being on God, you discover that He never leaves and never changes.  I know that sounds like a super spiritual answer, but it's true.  Regardless of what is going on around you, God is always there.

It is from that foundation that all questions are answered and needs are met.  So instead of asking, "What's Next?", because our daughter isn't here for a while.  We're asking, "What's going to change?" If God is the God of your ever-changing life, then He will guide you through its dangers and pitfalls.

As a kid, I remember going on a business trip with my dad.  We were driving somewhere in Oklahoma when the skies opened up and deluged the land.  We came to a small creek that we had to cross.  We had no idea if it was deep or shallow, but it was running fast due to the recent rain.  Dad decided to chance it and go it.  Well, it was the right decision until the water started lapping over the hood of the pickup and started leaking in the doors.  I panicked, my mom panicked, and my dad said nothing.  We emerged on the other side, a little damp.  Then my dad taught me something.

When you drive into deep water, don't take your foot off of the gas, keep going.  Unless the water picks your car up, you'll come out the other side.

Don't go back the way you came.  Change course and don't take unnecessary risks.

So first of all, don't panic.  Let God lead you.  If the way you came isn't the best route, then let Christ lead you in a new way home.

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, lead me.  AMEN


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