Never Forget

Today is Memorial Day.  We remember the heroes of this country who gave their lives to protect our freedoms.  I believe that we can forget the price that was paid.  If we do, we are doomed to give in to forces greater than ourselves.  These forces will insidiously steal our freedoms and our hope.  But we fail to understand that they do not come from beyond our borders or from within.  But they come from our hearts.  If we forget we will become our own worst enemy.

Yesterday, in church, we celebrated Communion, the Lords Supper.  As 1 Cor 1:25  says. "... Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me."

Jesus did now want us to forget what He did for us.  His sacrifice, driven by His love for setting us free from the tyranny of sin.  Without His gift of grace and forgiveness, we are doomed to be enslaved to our passions, doomed to suffer the consequences of our sins. Romans 6:23 - For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

It is easy for us to forget His grace and forgiveness.  We can easily slip away and begin to live our lives according to our purposes, not His.  It is at that moment that the enemy within takes over and leads us away from Christ.

Remember those who have fallen, who gave so we could worship and pray.  Remember your Savior, Jesus who gave His life for your sins.  Now give thanks.

Dear Jesus, don't let me forget what you have done for me today.  AMEN