You’re Perfect

Today I am at my denominations youth talent festival.  It’s called the Fine Arts Festival and I have been hanging out with 1,800 teenagers.

Now some of you jus twitched at that last statement.  I understand, maybe you would rather spend the day listening to fingernails scratching a chalkboard than hang out with a bunch of teenagers.

But as I think about it.

I like coffee, they like coffee.
I like music, they like music.
I like sarcasm, they like sarcasm.
They love Jesus, I love Jesus.

But that got me to thinking about some unlikely parings in the Bible.

Noah and God
Abraham and God
David and God
Peter and Jesus
Saul (Paul) and Jesus

I know that we hold these names in high esteem.  These are people of faith that give us inspiration. But they started out as nobodies.  A rogue man of faith building a ship in the middle of nowhere.  A nobody who moved his family to the middle of nowhere so they could live in tent for the rest of their life.  A boy who would be king.  A fisherman with a loud mouth.  A religious terrorist.

Who are you?  Nobody?  Someone who is a unlikely candidate to do something great?  New flash!  You’re perfect!

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, help me believe that I am the person for Your plans today.  AMEN  

PS.  Anneka, may daughter, has entered a couple of digital photos and presented a dance solo.   IF she does well she will be invited to the national competition in August.