It's Your Time

Judges 7: 19-20 So Gideon and the hundred men who were with him came to the outskirts of the camp at the beginning of the middle watch, when they had just set the watch. And they blew the trumpets and smashed the jars that were in their hands. 20 Then the three companies blew the trumpets and broke the jars. They held in their left hands the torches, and in their right hands the trumpets to blow. And they cried out, “A sword for the Lord and for Gideon!”

It's time.

A vision, a promise is now becoming a reality.  Often God will birth something in your soul.  Something that will make you say, "Who me?"  Something that you are not prepared to do.  But along the journey God beings to change you and recreate you into His will.  He did this with Gideon, and he can do it to you too. 

It's 11 p.m.  The changing of the guard is taking place in the camp below.  They will not be quite ready to respond.  The surprise is on the Gideons side.  

The three companies blew their trumpets, reveal their torches and shout, "A sword for the Lord and for Gideon!”  It's game on!  There is no turning back now.  

When your faith takes a step forward, your enemies will run in retreat.  God prepared this moment for Gideon and Israel.  He is preparing this moment for you too. 

Declare the Word of God!
Let the light of Jesus' truth be evident in your life today!

Doing this will confuse your enemies.  The Midianites were not ready!  It's Gideon!  Run!!  The Midianites don't know that only 300 men are yelling at them.  

It feels good when you have your enemies on the run.  To know that Satan is frustrated and in retreat. To know that your faith and God's plans are going forward.  It can happen, and it can happen every day.  

PRAY:  Dear Jesus,  let's run our enemy's out of here today!  AMEN