Get Ready For A Fight

Judges 7:11 And you shall hear what they say, and afterward your hands shall be strengthened to go down against the camp.” Then he went down with Purah his servant to the outposts of the armed men who were in the camp. 

You shall hear what they say, Gideon.  

What could those nasty Midianites say that could make any difference? 
What could our enemy say that would tilt the balance of power Israel's favor?
What could these worthless thugs say that would inspire? 

Too often we dismiss the message that we are supposed to receive because we don't like the messenger. 
To often we don't listen because we don't believe that they have nothing good to say.

But God chose to do a miracle through Israel's enemy.  He decided to use the words of the enemy to inspire.  What is your enemy saying? 

You're going to die. 
You're going to get divorced.
You're going to suffer for the rest of your life. 
You're going to lose everything.  

Now, what does God say about those things?  You'll soon find yourself quoting the Word of God against the words of your enemies.  The fight will inspire you because it builds your faith.  You'll quickly discover, it doesn't matter how big your enemy is.  If God is on your side, they didn't bring enough troops to face you.  

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, inspire me, build my faith and help me defeat my enemies of the faith.  AMEN  


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