When You're Too Busy

So Sunday I got up.  Arrived at the church by 8 am.  Worship practice by 8:30 am.  Life Groups at 9:15 am.  Morning Service at 10:30 am.  Dismissed at noon.  Had a quick meeting for our upcoming, yet unnamed community block party.  Left the church at 1 pm.  Got a quick lunch on the Turnpike.  Arrived at Miami Ballet in Miami Beach by 3:30 pm.  Anneka went into your intensive try out at 5 pm.  Walked to Starbuck and then another coffee shop.  Walked back to Miami Ballet.  Loaded up and starting the drive back.  The heavens opened up about halfway into the trip.  Stopped on the Turnpike and got some dinner.  Saw more than 7 accidents which included a jack-knifed Fed Ex truck on the Turnpike.  Dropped off Annekas friend at her house then went home.  That was around 9 pm.

I said to myself.  "I'll get a chance to blog today."  By the time I did, I was brain dead.  What was I thinking?

James 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.

We've all made bad decisions.  Fortunately, nothing I did yesterday ended the world caused the earth to tilt off of its axis.  But what do you do when you do something like this?  

#1 Forgive yourself 
Take the time to tell yourself, "I"m sorry" you will make better decisions once you do that.  

#2 Ask others to forgive you. 
If you messed up someone else's plan, apologize.  Oh, "Sorry about not blogging yesterday." 

#3 Ask yourself, was this a one-time thing - or could this happen again?  
Life changes and sometimes even the slightest change to our schedule can have a ripple effect.  If you could foresee this happening again, what can you do? 

#4 Ask for help.  
Sometimes it's good to ask others who "have been there and done that" to give you some counsel.  

What are you to busy to do today?  If something about your lifestyle needs to change, take the time to set a goal and go for it.  It could make all the difference. 

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, help me make the right decisions today.  AMEN  


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