The number 1

Water boils at 212 degrees.  What is it at 211 degrees? Hot water.  But still not good enough to make mac and cheese.

You may have heard about the 1 degree of difference or the 1% principle.  They are pretty close to each other.  

The 1 degree of difference says that if you do 1% better, it can put you over the top.  

The 1% principle says that if you do 1% more or better each day, it will compound into significant achievements in time.  

Matthew 5:41 And if anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.

Put in the extra effort is actually a Biblical principle.  In Jesus' day, a Roman soldier could conscript you to carry his belongings for one mile.  After that, you were no longer obligated to help.  Jesus taught to go the extra mile.  Be a servant and do so with a willing and cheerful heart. 

What if we applied that to our job today?
What if we applied that to our family?
What if we applied that to our ministries? 

What would happen? 

I know people who are looking for the big score, the big achievement, the big promotion.  The secret to your success in life and in ministry isn't found in doing it big.  It's found in doing it faithfully.  Do a little more today than you did yesterday and watch the days add up. 

PRAY Dear Jesus, I want to do 1% more for you today, tomorrow, the next day and the next day and . . .  AMEN  


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