When Life Is A Juggling Act

Yesterday - Pick up my mother in law from the airport.
Today - Get Sunday services ready, help unload the truck for this weeks dance performance.
Tomorrow - Finish up Sunday and go to the dance rehearsal to shoot photos.
Friday - Last minute details to Christmas Sunday and a Friday night performance. More pictures.
Saturday - Two shows, more photos.
Sunday - Am service, two shows, more photos, tear down the set and pack up the truck.  Unload the truck.
Monday - Take my mother in law back to the airport.

If the old saying that "The devil is in the details" is true, then I can tell you that the devil is mean!

If I miss a blog, you know what happened.  I'm passed out somewhere for exhaustion.

So when life picks up speed, what do you do?

Keep the main thing the main thing.

Don't gripe and complain, you probably agreed to this.  Complaining takes energy away from you, and you'll need all you can get.

Stay sweet.  Pressure will tempt you to cut corners with your witness.  Don't do it.  Remember. John 13:35 - Love one another.  1 John 2:3 - 6 keep his commandments.

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, help me juggle well today.  AMEN