Your Chosen

Col 1:12 - 14 I pray that you will be grateful to God for letting you have part in what he has promised his people in the kingdom of light. 13 God rescued us from the dark power of Satan and brought us into the kingdom of his dear Son, 14 who forgives our sins and sets us free.

So I was talking to someone the other day, and the conversation went south on me in a hurry. 
- "I just can't believe . . . "
- "What were they thinking . . . "
- "Why do I have to do this . . . "

Gratefulness is a gift, but it's a habit also.  If you don't use it, you will not only lose it, you'll become grumpy and ungrateful.  

Paul was praying for the church to be grateful.  He didn't wish that they would be, he wasn't hoping that they would be.  He was praying that they would be grateful that God included them in His Kingdom.  

Do you realize that you are part of God's solution for this world?  God has chosen you to work with Him to change lives, families, marriages, and futures.  He has decided to empower you, give you wisdom and call you with a purpose.  He has chosen to provide you with hope and a future.  God has chosen you, 

So stop and give thanks.  Be grateful that you are a part of God's Kingdom.  

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, I am giving you thanks today.  Thank you for choosing me.  AMEN