When It All Goes Right!

Stories are such a great thing.  Life is made of stories.  When someone asks you about your life, what do you tell them?  Date of birth?  No that's for the DMV.  You tell them about life when . . . . 

It is really cool when you hear a story that you had a hand in.  

So today, someone comes into my office and shares with me a moment from their weekend.  They told a story of how they helped a family member with a problem.  What they shared with them was something that I taught them.  

Now I am not patting myself on the back.  I am ecstatic that my friend was able to help.  

So my question to you is.  What are you saying that others are repeating? 

Matthew 10:32 So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven,

Speak positively.  Words of encouragement are always repeated when said often and passionately. 

Speak with the purpose of investing.  When you speak, give something away.  Give wisdom.  Give love.  Give life and hope.  

Speak the truth in love.  Don't use the truth as a sledgehammer.  Use truth as a guide.  Say it with love and people will follow.  Say it with anger and people will run away.  

PRAY: Dear Jesus, speak into my life so I can share it with others.  AMEN