What Day Is It?

Yes, I missed blogging yesterday.  I really do miss it when life doesn't allow me the time to do this.  But if you're like me, that whole Thanksgiving thing really messed up my rhythm.

This morning, as we are driving to work, we listen to a couple of podcasts and review a passage in the Bible.  One of the ones we listen to is John Maxwell's word of the day.  I highly recommend that you look to it, it is quite encouraging.

Well, today's word was, "rhythm."  There is a natural rhythm to everything you and I do.  When that rhythm gets out of whack - we feel horrible, can't think straight and have trouble processing what we are supposed to be doing.  For example,  I woke up Sunday morning and I honestly couldn't remember what day it was.  I had to pull out my phone and look it up.

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

What does Psalm 119 have to do with the rhythm of my life?  

God's Word tells me what I am supposed to be doing and then illuminates my path to that end.  Now often times I compare this to driving in the blackest of night.  Your headlights let you see some of the road, but not the whole road.  

After Thanksgiving Day my rhythm was so off I finally collapsed yesterday.  I couldn't function.  It was time to stop and hit the reset button.  It cost me a days work (which I've been working on all day) but when I got up this morning I knew what day it was and I didn't feel like a truck ran over me.  

What is the rhythm of your life?  God will show you what you are supposed to be doing, but Satan will try to distract, overwhelm and defeat His purpose.  Don't let that happen.  Don't be afraid to take a day off to go pray, meditate on your priorities or as in my case - take a long nap. 

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, teach me the rhythm of my life and let me enjoy your will.  AMEN