Pastor Jones and the Christmas of Doom

So this email shows up in my inbox with this title.  "Pastor Jones and the Christmas of Doom."  I have to be honest.  It sent shivers up my spine.  Christmas and the holidays are like that quote from the Tale of Two Cities. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, . . . "

The Christmas ads are playing, (Hey at least they aren't those political ads we've been inundated with here in Florida for the last few months.)  Christmas trees tents are up and ready to receive their pine scented evergreens.  Christmas lights are being tested and preparations for holidays traditions have begun.  

Matthew 1:20-21 While Joseph was thinking about this, an angel from the Lord came to him in a dream. The angel said, “Joseph, the baby that Mary will have is from the Holy Spirit. Go ahead and marry her. 21 Then after her baby is born, name him Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”

Hope and salvation have arrived!  The curse from the Garden is now going to be addressed once and for all!  This is the message of Christmas.  The curse has been reversed.  The baby will become a man and give His life as a ransom for everyone!  This is and still is the most significant news of all time.  This is the reason why we celebrate.  This is why we sing, "Joy to the World." 

So how does this beautiful message of Christmas go from joy into doom?  

Because people try to get more out of Christmas than they put into it.  It is in that moment that Christmas then turns into a holiday.  Just another time of year to take a day off and do something different.  

Jesus said in Acts 20:35 Remember that our Lord Jesus said, “More blessings come from giving than from receiving.”

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, this year I want to celebrate Christmas, not the holidays.  AMEN  


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