Happy Birthday To The Pastors Wife.

Today is my wife's birthday.  She is 55. (I suppose it's ok for me to say that.  She posted it on Facebook.)  She has been married to me for 34 years as my wife and as a pastors wife.

In my opinion, being a Pastors Wives is a stressful calling that is severely underappreciated.  Most people have a stereotype of who a Pastor's wife is and what she does.  While there are some that fit that bill to a, "T."  There are others who don't even come close.  That would be my wife.

The old joke in Bible college was that a good pastors wife could sing Alto, play the piano, and look good at conventions.  I got a Soprano, who use to play the Clarinet and still looks good at conventions.

Betty is a fighter.  I don't mean that she is a brawler (someone who is looking for a fight).  But anything that we have in life we have had to fight for.  Nothing has come easy.  I'm sure that most of you can say the same thing.  When you live in a world that is stingy to give and quick to take away, you learn to fight.  

When we got married we both worked full time and attended college full time.  We even graduated together because we were married between our junior and senior years of college. 

We've served in some tough places in ministry.  I actually resigned a church when the board turned on her and demanded that I discipline her.  What did she do that was so wrong?  She told the truth which humiliated them.

She prayed for our daughter and then prayer her through the pregnancy.  After 4 miscarriages and demands from a doctor that we abort her, she fought for her life.

She's a children's pastor, a dance studio manager, a dance mom, she owns her own business while taking care of her families needs.

Some might say that she is a "Super Mom."  There are no super moms.  Experience has taught me that there are moms who fight for their families and there are those who don't.

I thank God every day for a mom and wife who fights for her family.

Moms and Wives:  Dear Jesus, empower me to be the person I need to be for my family today.  AMEN
Dads and Husbands:  Dear Jesus, bless my wife and help me be the best I can be for her today.  AMEN